Erika’s Bio

Erika Rydberg is a Digital Creation Technologist at Plymouth State University, she has five years of experience working with FFF 3D printers and also works with new technologies and innovation at Plymouth State University. Prior to joining Plymouth, she worked in the Labs at DC Public Library (DCPL) and helped open and run the Fabrication Lab, the Studio Lab and the Memory Lab at DCPL. She has an M.A. in Media and Public Affairs and is working on her MBA at UNH with focusing on innovation and growth.

Our Plymouth State Pressbooks catalog now has 8 materials in it. Yes 8 of em! #pressbooks As a former member of undergraduate student government at my alma mater, and a current graduate student online at #unh
I am upset about what is happening at UNH on behalf of other female student leaders, I hope the investigations bring truth and equality.

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